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Barclaycard Fuel+

It’s called Fuel+ for a reason

Until 2015, the UK fuel card market was static. But Barclaycard, alongside The Miles Consultancy (TMC) had created a new fuel card. We had to bring this game-changing solution to the attention of the market and generate £33m worth of leads in 2015, while building awareness and credibility around Fuel+.

We recognised two main challenges: customer inertia and the need to speak the unspeakable. In other words, the Fuel+ solution knows when drivers are lying about where they’ve driven. We had to show that without being accusatory in order to wake up the market. How? The ‘Uncomfortable Truths’ challenger campaign.

We developed creative that was deliberately intriguing – using confident, subtle copy and graphic photography to confront the mileage reporting issues fleet managers face without seeming confrontational. We underpinned it with an understated strapline that implied the card benefits: ‘It’s called Fuel+ for a reason.’

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The integrated campaign ran for three months, from prints ads to event sponsorship to emails. By the end of the year, we’d drummed up £96m of leads – a 290% increase on our target that looks set to generate around £441,000 average net income. Fuel+ has been well and truly noticed.

Barclaycard Fuel+
Barclaycard Fuel+

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