SKY’S the limit for bigdog after bagging bingo campaign


bigdog agency has landed another major client and is now working with Sky Bingo on its biggest ever advertising campaign across television, social and digital media. 

The agency has worked in partnership with the UK’s fastest growing bingo site to deliver an innovative strategy for the brand, that aims to differentiate Sky Bingo by focusing on the adrenaline and excitement of playing, whilst also showing the love the Sky Bingo brand has for the game.

Through extensive research, bigdog yielded some surprising insights into why people play online bingo. It’s not just for the sense of community, or for the win, but mostly for the adrenalin rush that the ‘one number to go’ moment provides.

This was found to be just as exciting as actually winning by those who take part, and it is this feeling that the new campaign will drive home to demonstrate how exhilarating the game can be.

In what will be Sky Bingo’s largest ever campaign to date, activity will run across TV, Spotify, digital display ads as well as Social Media.  The adverts highlight how a single number can become a powerful source of excitement in the hands of Sky Bingo.  The creative features a series of everyday images that bring to life the feelings of anticipation and exhilaration players experience when waiting for that single number to be called, while the pace of the advert builds to an energetic and thrilling climax.

This is a major development in Sky Bingo’s continued growth as it is the first time they have entered into a brand-led campaign, having previously focussed heavily on acquisition and promotional activity.

Dylan Bogg, Chief Creative Officer at bigdog, said: “We have put a lot of work into this strategy and campaign, with considerable time spent on research to ensure we had powerful insights that we could use to create what we believe is a truly ground-breaking approach to the online bingo category”.

“We are delighted to be working with such a huge name in Sky Bingo and are very excited about the work we’ve produced with them.”

Alex Walton, Gaming Brand Manager at Sky Betting & Gaming said “This is a fantastic development for the Sky Bingo brand. We are passionate about bingo and so are extremely proud to be trying something different and challenging the category.  Seeing our biggest ever campaign soon to be rolled out is enthralling.

“We knew bigdog has always done great work, and that Sky Bingo is in safe hands such is the thoroughness and professionalism the agency has shown in bringing this whole campaign to life,” she said. 

The advertising campaign launched on Friday, October 7th. See the ad by clicking the below link:

Sky Bingo - Lucky Seven.mp4