Content you can't ignore

Content you can't ignore

April 2018

In the last few years we have seen a prolific increase in the amount of content out there, saturating social news feeds and leading to consumers becoming blind to what it is that they’re seeing.

Content can live on many channels – from websites, to social channels to podcasts and emails, it can also live in many formats from film to long-form blog posts, to gifs and static imagery, but beyond content creation, how can we make sure the right people see the right content at the right time?

Search and social algorithms are ever-changing  and the recent emergence of influencer marketing means that content distribution can be worlds apart from the traditional media buy.

At bigdog, we’ve embraced this change as a challenge to cut-through the saturated content landscape and create a new proposition to personify our approach to creating truly great work. We call it Content You Can’t Ignore. 

We’ve applied our approach to many of our clients...

Gamifying Sky Betting & Gaming brand’s Facebook Live’s to bring their propositions to life for their customers…

Maximising NEFF’s brand exposure as part of Great British Bake Off social chatter…

Taking Bridgestone on an entertaining tour of the greatest moustache’s around Europe in support of Movember…  

And so much more. We’ve created a philosophy, approach and service for our clients which is completely scaleable. From strategy and ideation to distribution and reporting (and everything in between).  

We’re excited to share our approach of Content You Can’t Ignore with all our clients – even those we haven’t met yet – and eager to rise to the challenge of showing them all how we can achieve truly great results across content channels.

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