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One of the biggest Facebook Live giveaways ever

October 2017

We’ve been harnessing the power of Facebook Live to convey the ‘Winning feeling’ for Sky Vegas with one of the biggest ever Facebook Live events!

Sky Vegas customers can sometimes think that real people rarely win, so we decided to prove that there are real winners by bringing that winning feeling to life in our audience’s newsfeeds.

We did this by creating and producing two Facebook Live events that gave away prizes on a massive scale, showing the audience that prizes are actually being won by real Sky Vegas' customers… just like them.

Our social and creative teams combined their specialist skills with expert insight into the fast-moving world of Live social to produce two Facebook Live events that were broadcast on Sky Vegas Facebook page to an initial audience of 30,000. With £10,000 worth of prizes given away we needed to ensure people knew about it.

The event was pre-promoted with paid support, posts, push notifications and ECRM. Plus up-and-coming social influencers the Collyer Twins added some kudos as the perfect choice to present the event bringing unique energy and excitement to the giveaway.

To enter the audience simply had to comment – people were then picked at random, their profile picture displayed Live in the broadcast for the world to see as they were given a spin on the prize wheel. The wheel then decided the tier of prize that could be won at random. Simple and effective. One of the key learnings from the dozens of Facebook Live contests that we’ve created.

This industry-first resulted in the biggest Facebook Live that Sky Vegas has ever executed with an audience in excess of 456,000, over 72,000 views and 91,000 comments - making it Sky Betting and Gaming’s most successful Live event to date.

Check the Live out here.

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