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Roundup’s back. The weeds aren’t.

April 2019

The weed killer market is crowded and extremely functional. Lots of different brands vying for attention, but none of them saying anything very original or very different from what their competitors are saying. Roundup’s last advertising campaign in the UK was back in 2009, so Roundup, as the lead-brand needed be refreshed and supported. Looking to distinguish themselves, they came to us to help them become the standout brand.

Truth is, nobody wants to think about weeds – let alone get on their hands and knees and pull them out of the dirt. What they want to think about is family time; the precious moments of joy in their garden. They want the sweet, not the sweat.

Moving out of a purely functional space and promoting product benefits alongside emotional benefits will give Roundup the stand out they desire.

Our campaign ‘Garden Moments Protected’ showcases how Roundup Speed Ultra and Roundup for Lawns enables families to enjoy precious moments in their garden. Delivering multiple executions and functional messaging through the character of a lovable family dog, we’re able to highlight product features while dialling up the feel-good.

Our multi-faceted campaign flexes to work for multiple European markets. The fully-integrated campaign leads with TV breaking on 15th April in five European countries, supported by press, social and digital work with a media spend of £1.5M in the UK alone.

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