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March 2017

We love a good podcast here at bigdog and in celebration of the #TryPod movement this month we’re sharing ten of our favourites:

Hardcore History
Airs: No schedule 

Dan Carlin is like a mix between Simon Schama and Macho Man Randy Savage. Part hype-man, part historian and part campfire-storyteller. His wide-ranging podcast Hardcore History takes a look at the epoch defining moments of the last three thousand years in a long-form, stream of consciousness that can last anywhere between 2 to 6 hours. The man is a machine. If you like your history served up with blood, guts and drama – and don’t mind sacrificing a bit of academic rigour – then this is for you. 


Scroobius Pip, Distraction Pieces
Airs: Once/twice a week

Rapper and spoken word artist Scroobius Pip interviews a varied spectrum of people – from  film and TV stars, to musicians and charitable causes or community outreaches. Disarmingly funny, it essentially becomes a chat among friends. Notable guests include Simon Pegg, Russell Brand, and James McAvoy.

Pip has suffered with a stammer from a very young age, and while it’s never apparent in his music, he doesn’t hide it on the Podcast – refreshing and inspiring.



Stuff Mom Never Told You
Airs: Weekly (classic episodes are currently being aired)

Like women's hour but more fun! Driven by their infinite curiosity and thorough research, hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin are girls-next-door gender experts who skilfully decode the biology, psychology and sociology of men and women, from our evolutionary past to millennial present, to better understand all the Stuff Mom Never Told You. 



My Dad Wrote a Porno
Airs: Weekly episodes, plus a ‘footnote’ supplement

Just when you thought your own family was dysfunctional, Jamie Morton’s Dad went and wrote a porno. Whilst most people would try and pretend it had never happened, Morton decided to turn each chapter into a weekly podcast. With the help of friends, James Cooper and Alice Levine, Morton discovers more about his father than he ever bargained for.

Whilst the book itself is the star of the show, as the series progresses the discussion among friends becomes equally funny. This has gained cult status and is among one of the most listened to podcasts globally. So much so, they introduced a mid-week ‘footnote’ episode where celebrities like Elijah Wood and Michael Sheen have featured. 



Revisionist History, Malcom Gladwell
Airs: All episodes are available 

Sometimes the past deserves a second chance. Malcom Gladwell takes a fascinating sideways look back at events, people and ideas. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood. As he does so well in his books, these podcasts show Gladwell reframing historical fact through the prism of human behaviour. His secret lies in turning serious and complex concepts into thoughtful and digestible stories.



Happier, Gretchin Rubin
Airs: Weekly

Sisters Gretchin Rubin and Elizabeth Craft host a weekly podcast aimed at helping us all be a little happier. Rubin has made a name for herself with books The Happier Project and Better Than Before, whilst Craft is a TV writer and producer. They talk about how to build happier habits into everyday life, drawing from cutting-edge science, ancient wisdom and lessons from pop culture. We love Rubin’s four tendencies framework – are you a rebel, a questioner, an obliger or an upholder? 



Airs: In its first season, all six episodes are available now

Homecoming is a psychological thriller starring Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and David Schwimmer. In the opening episode we join Heidi Bergman, a caseworker from an experimental facility as she helps soldiers integrate back into the community.

She meets Walter Cruz (Isaac), who is trying his best to live a normal life and Colin Belfast (Schwimmer) is her take-no-prisoners boss, who questions her more holistic approach.

With a great script and intelligent use of sound, this podcast is more akin to a TV production than a radio drama. The narrative flashes back and forth into the future where we hear that Heidi has now left behind her caseworker life, the reasons why are a mystery.



Radical Candor
Airs: Weekly

Former Google and Twitter management Kim Scott and Russ Laraway show us how to get, give and encourage feedback in the workplace. The show is backed up with Scott’s book, also going by the name of Radical Candor. The pair demonstrate how to give praise and criticism so that it actually makes a positive impact and emphasise that better relationships put us all in the position to create the best work of our lives.



Startup Podcast
Airs: Weekly

Ever wondered what it really takes to set up a startup? This is the story of Gimlet. In the very early episodes we hear founder Alex Blumberg pitch his ideas to venture capitalist Chris Sacca. Further episodes take a look at whether or not he should partner with someone and the pressures it puts on his family life and on his early employees.

The show has now developed into features on other businesses and in September last year Zach Braff announced that he would be developing the show into a series for ABC.



Airs: Weekly (more often when there’s a tech show such as CES)

Brought to us by The Verge, this podcast is for everyone who’s trying to make sense of the week in tech news. Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn host alongside various tech personalities. The show gives an irreverent and informative look at what's happening right now and next.



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What could you do with a million of these bad boys?

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What could you do with a million of these bad boys?

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