What’s big in 2018?

What’s big in 2018?

January 2018

2017… what a year! Remembered for what many will not necessarily consider the right reasons, but a momentous one nonetheless. And one that has had significant impact on attitudes and behaviours. 

We like to think we’ve got our finger on the pulse at bigdog. And things continue to move at quite a pace these days, so it can be tough to stay informed of the next big thing.

Fortunately, we’re blessed with a team who love nothing more than staying curious and digging deep to unearth the latest trends in consumer behaviour and marketing opportunities.

So, we’ve compiled our thoughts on what 2018’s got in store… 

Brands as broadcasters…

2018 will see Live social broadcasting revolutionise the way we consume and create digital content. With the most progressive brands and publishers getting a taste of the disruptive nature of Live content in 2017, this year will see Live figuring more prominently in our newsfeeds.

We’ll also see also more bespoke Live concepts and products emerge in the wake of HQ – the Live trivia app that emerged as a major new player in the gaming landscape over Christmas.

Getting nostalgic…

You only have to look at the resurgence of vinyl sales as a sign of the growing trend of nostalgia in recent years. This reached new highs in 2017 with Scooby-Doo and Top Cat flogging mortgages, and He-Man and Skeletor scouring the insurance market – to name a few. Although at risk of becoming oversaturated creative territory (as well as polarising opinions on the impact to joyful memories of youth) we expect it to continue in 2018.

Campaigns mentioned above will undoubtedly continue to roll out. Hollywood has started getting in on the act too. From the Deadpool 2 teaser parodying Bob Ross, and the imminent release of Spielberg’s Ready Player One, based on a novel with a central plot revolving around 80’s pop culture. To quote a reference, nostalgia is about to get ‘turned up to 11’.

Say it, with feeling…

Brand purpose now has a new focus due to the ever-increasing scrutiny the world places on brands and individuals. How will brands avoid pitfalls like those experienced in the infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi debacle, but connect with an audience of altruism?

Transparency, authenticity and honesty will be the watch words for brands to truly demonstrate what they stand for and reflect them through more consumer touchpoints.

Diversity and Inclusion…

This has been a hot topic for some time, but is front and centre of 2018 agendas with Gender Pay Gap Reporting coming into force in April this year.

Marketers are increasingly being challenged to fulfil obligations and meet evolving consumer and shareholder expectations. And there is work to be done to determine steps taken both internally and externally in relation to the issue.

Looking beyond UX…

It’s all about CX (Customer-Experience). Organisations will begin to restructure around the customer; cross-function, multi-discipline roles will be established, culture change and investment in new platforms or connecting technologies will prevail.

Physical and digital worlds will continue to converge; augmented-reality will finally mature and find ways to become useful as well as entertaining. E-commerce and retail will become ever more intertwined as consumer expectations continue to shift.

More people will accept the automation and ‘outsourcing’ of their decision making in order to save time (and possibly money).

"Alexa; tell me the future’’…

Voice will continue to evolve across the maturity curve and with it will be brands’ voice strategies. We will also see Voice platforms asking more questions in order to improve and find their place increasingly in consumer day-to-day behaviours.  

Rather than a novelty for the early adopters, IoT (Internet of Things) will also develop and become adopted by brands as a way to adapt and improve their offering.

Data as individuals…

Big Data has now fully matured. Brands have developed greater abilities to curate experiences, products and services that suit individual’s needs (from trainers to insurance). All using the data we disclose.

With this comes huge creative opportunities. A lot has been written about how data is somehow spelling the end of good creative…absolutely not! Data is merely a building block in understanding our audience better, but we must still craft compelling stories to stand out. 

And this will extend beyond consumer lifestyles and into careers – as the way we work continues to evolve due to digital, so will the type of work we do that allows people to shape their career or their service without the overheads.

And, of course, the big date in May…

GDPR has of course been gearing up for some time, and we published some of our thoughts on this last year.

But with the looming deadline of 25th May, many of the world’s leaders in technology and communications will be forced to treat their user’s data in a whole new way as it will become more apparent in consumers’ minds that the data being used by brands is their data; they own it and will become aware of the power this presents.

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