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Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

A remarkable campaign

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is the busiest children’s hospital in the UK. They needed to raise £30million to complete their incredible new facility, Alder Hey in the Park.

Rather than guilting people into donating, bigdog’s Land of Remarkable People campaign set out to celebrate all the remarkable people that make Alder Hey such an incredible place – the staff, the patients and their families.

All imagery was positive, showing smiling patients and staff. An emotive radio campaign told the story of a little girl called Emma through a poem, a unique childlike way to communicate a serious message.

Alder hey campaign

A healthy impact

Brand awareness has increased by 62%. There has been a 37% increase in donations since phase one of the campaign. While 82% of research respondents had positive brand perceptions.

Alder Hey is well on the way to raising £30million, plus the radio campaign won several high-profile awards, including a gold at the New York Festival. Heart-warming for everyone.

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