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Barclays was top of the UK Brand Performance scoreboard among their competitors, but they recently found their consideration and awareness among non-customers falling slightly. They came to us to fix this and to engage a younger audience of digitally savvy, C-suite decision-makers.


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Working from the inside out

We know Barclays’ sector-specific Relationship Directors are highly experienced experts who know their sector inside out. They’re so highly valued by some clients that they’re seen as an extended part of the business’s exec team. So we developed a creative strategy around inside-out banking. This was brought to life in a visually impactful piece of work that played on the perception of corporate banking as cold and remote, before contradicting this by revealing Barclays Relationship Directors working within their client’s business sector. 


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Excellent results across all metrics

By delivering visual standout in a new channel, we challenged perceptions and positioned Barclays as a leading corporate bank that’s on their clients’ side – and by their side.


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