Belfast International Airport

Bexit campaign takes off

We developed a bold campaign for Belfast International Airport that really got people talking. The campaign hit out at the competition Dublin Airport, targeting the border counties from Donegal to Louth and positioning BIA as their airport of choice.

We developed a creative idea that tapped into the hottest news topic of that time: Brexit. Our controversial Bexit (Belfast Exit) campaign called for people to ‘vote to leave’ from Belfast rather than Dublin. It highlighted the many rational benefits for doing so, including greater savings and closer location. With Brexit all over the news already, and the general election results just breaking in Northern Ireland, the timing was perfect.

Bexit Belfast Airport bigdog
BIA Bexit Belfast airport signage

The campaign delivered on every level. The activity generated high levels of engagement and talkability online, with strong PR coverage including a feature on the BBC NI news website.

There was an increase in the number of ROI number plates in the car park, while airport passengers rose 13% from 2016 to 2017.

Another first-class campaign.  

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