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Bridgestone Bros Trim campaign

Bridgestone Tyres wanted to launch a charity campaign as part of its CSR commitments. They had a relatively small budget, so how do you create something that really gets people engaged socially?

We thought men’s health charity Movember was the perfect fit tonally. So we cast a comedy duo as our Bridgestone Bros, pimped up a campervan and set off on an epic road trip to find Europe’s most marvellous moustaches.

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We shot some great film of the finest face furniture we came across, then posted them socially, encouraging people to back the campaign.

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Fantastic growth

There were few hairy moments, but over 2.5 million people followed our journey on YouTube and we achieved over 16,000 Facebook impressions. Over 13,000 Bridgestone employees also actively engaged in the campaign. Nice work, bro.

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