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Cadbury Ice Cream

Making a summer of joy

Our client, R&R ice cream whip up chilled treats for Cadbury. Our challenge was to make hungry shoppers aware that, as well as being the nation’s most-loved chocolate maker, Cadbury create marvelously moreish ice creams too. And we had a far more bite-sized budget to do that on, compared to the main Cadbury brand.

Melt With Joy

Our solution? To encourage Britain to Melt With Joy. Our celebratory campaign featured a troupe of plucky penguins bouncing around in sweet 48-sheets, a tasty mix of 6-sheets and street talkers, two yummy Video On Demand films and a fresh new look for the brand website. Not to mention a shopper activation campaign for Tesco and Asda.

Cadbury Ice Cream Billboard Ad

With over 900 posters alone across the UK, we got thousands of customers marching down to the freezer aisle. And, crucially, researched showed that our ads created an increased association between the Cadbury brand and ice cream. We even boosted the perception of Cadbury overall, by increasing their positioning as a fun brand by 13%. Joy.

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