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Cadbury Ice Cream

Feel the joy

We’ve done some pretty sweet work for Cadbury over the last few years.

Everyone knows they make the nation’s favourite chocolate, but with a bite-sized budget compared to the main Cadbury brand, we told the world they also make rather moreish ice creams.

Melt With Joy

In a series of campaigns, our troupe of plucky penguins have bounced around everything from tasty 48-sheets and 6-sheets, to Video On Demand films and a cool new website. Not to mention a shopper activation campaign for Tesco and Asda.

Cadbury Ice Cream Billboard Ad

We got thousands marching down to the freezer aisle. And crucially, research showed that our ads created an increased association between the Cadbury brand and ice cream. We even boosted the perception of Cadbury overall by increasing their positioning as a fun brand by 13%.

All pretty tasty.

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