R&R Ice Cream

Marvellous Campaign for R&R Ice Cream

R&R is Europe’s largest own-label ice cream and lolly manufacturer. In 2015 they asked us to help them grow one of their key brands – Cadbury.

Cadbury had ambitious plans to increase their share of the UK ice cream tubs market with their new ‘Marvellous’ range. Over 70% of households buy Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, but only 16% buy their ice cream.

R&R Cadbury

They wanted a launch campaign that built on the equity of the Cadbury brand, but was also relevant to ice cream buyers. We were talking to families with children, so we struck on the idea of introducing some fun characters to bring the campaign to life with charm and personality.

R&R Cadbury
R&R Cadbury

Sweet Results

The campaign went down a treat. It reached a fifth of its target market within six weeks. It also delivered great awareness scores with two-thirds considering the campaign to be eye-catching and entertaining, agreeing that the ads really stand out. 

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