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Engagement soars with DomiCopter

Domino’s social presence was stalling. So we were challenged with re-igniting their fans and creating a buzz around the brand.

As part of Domino’s Extraordinary Deliveries campaign, we made a 60-second film to show that we were testing innovative ways of delivering pizza – with the DomiCopter drone.

Originally intended for release on April Fool’s Day, we thought, nah, everyone does stuff then. So we held back until June, and we weren’t disappointed. We seeded the film on Domino’s UK YouTube channel, Facebook wall and Twitter account.

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The DomiCopter flew

Really flew. Our original YouTube video has been viewed 1,300,000 times and re-published by 40 different users. On Twitter 1,140,135 Tweets mentioned ‘flying pizza’, 6,931,711 Tweets mentioned ‘Pizza Drone’ and 10,737,919 tweets mentioned ‘DomiCopter’.*

In the UK the story was covered by the Daily Mail, Sky News and the Daily Telegraph to name a few. In the USA it had a two-minute feature on The Jay Leno Show and numerous other TV shows, plus too many blog mentions to count. As we say, DomiCopter really flew.

*All according to Topsy and Daily Trend.

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