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Delivering great results with Domigoals

Domino’s is always looking for new and exciting ways to communicate with its target audience. Euro 2012 seemed like the perfect opportunity for Domino’s to tap into the excitement surrounding one of the great sporting events and boost their own brand. So how do you drive sales and generate a real buzz?

With Domigoals, a simple, live action, instant reward app. Users downloaded the app, registered and waited for the next goal at Euro 2012. As soon as a goal was scored, users would tap to win instant prizes including discounts and free pizzas.

Domigoals App

You can’t top this

Results were spectacular. For every £1 invested in the campaign, Domino’s made £5 in sales. There were over 54,000 registrants, with 37% of active users going on to win at least once. There were an estimated 4,000 tweets about the app. Domigoals even went on to win Silver for ‘Freshest App’ at the Fresh Awards. Back of the net.

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