Pret App on iphone

Pret App

An app-etite for engagement

Pret wanted to create a payment and loyalty app for their US customers that would build on their celebrated ‘Joy of Pret’ loyalty by surprising customers with treats and menu items to try. Pret knew usability and design would be key to the new app being loved by their customers.

Pret App on iphone
Pret App visual

Pret in your pocket

Working alongside US retail app specialist LevelUp, and using their core app as a base, we began by mapping user journeys for all sections of the app, including where user actions would trigger system or marketing emails.

We developed the user flows into fully functioning wireframe prototypes and delivered these, along with a fully interactive model outlining all app screen transitions and interaction behaviour, to LevelUp’s development team. We then created a concept design that brought the look and feel of a Pret shop into the app and showcased the app’s unique payment and loyalty mechanics.

Pret App on iphone
Pret QR code on app

Customer testing

Working with Pret’s UK and US marketing teams, we organised a one-month closed customer trial of the beta version of the app across all Pret shops in Washington DC, including a lab-based user-testing study to validate the app’s information architecture and interaction behaviour, and focus groups with trial participants to stress test creative routes.

The results of the customer trial informed a number of revisions to feed into the launch version of the app.

The final app-raisal

Pret has launched a payment and loyalty app like no other retailer. Unique app features are complemented by intuitive usability, tested and validated by real Pret customers.

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