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A campaign to enjoy

Princes is a classic British brand but they wanted help creating an identity that really stood for something. Unfairly, canned foods are often seen as a poor substitute to fresh options and as a last resort. Princes also had a wide mix of products, so how could we advertise them in a way that felt seamless?

A definite brand style was needed. Something that made Princes more recognisable. We needed to persuade the British public that canned foods are an important part of modern mealtimes.

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Really Simple, Royally Good

Our campaign played on the 'royal' name and positioned Princes as a provider of simple, quality food and drink.

A multi-channel approach included radio, trade and shopper activation - and Princes' first TV campaign for over 9 years.

There was an 11% increase in spontaneous awareness of Princes canned fish. 84% said the advertising made the brand seem more appealing. While 66% said it would encourage them to buy Princes. For every pound invested, the campaign generated two pounds for those products advertised and even had a halo effect with sales up in other parts of the Princes portfolio, too.

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