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Time to shine for REVLON

Helen of Troy owns the distribution licences for REVLON’s electronic nail buffer, but in 2015 sales through their online channels were lower than forecasted. So in 2016, how could we increase product appeal and buff up sales?

The product had previously been aimed at women in their 30s who want beautiful, shiny nails. This approach not only limited our audience reach, it also didn’t highlight the multiple uses of the tool.

After extensive research, we discovered that two out of five women use a beauty device, with highest usage amongst 16-34 year olds. We also learned that interest in nail art was rising, as was sharing pictures socially, especially among a younger audience.

We identified a fanatical group of women who loved following trends, regularly changed their nail look and were incredibly proud of them. So we changed our target audience for the product – and its positioning. Rather than ‘the tool for perfect nails’ we moved towards ‘the essential preparation tool for perfect painted nails’.

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With a limited budget and three countries to spread the word across, we had to be smart with our spend. We teamed up with a leading nail artist to create a suite of stunning shots to use across the campaign.

We developed a 30-second video for use on YouTube pre-roll and online distribution channels. We also created a series of eye-catching programmatic digital banners.

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The campaign has made the REVLON nail buffer much more relevant to today’s nail fanatics and helped to reach a far broader audience. Brand awareness has also increased substantially. A real statement.

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