Sky Vegas

Sky Vegas

A day of unexpected rewards

Online casino Sky Vegas are masters of the unexpected. And their Prize Machine lets you play for random instant wins every day – totally for free. There was just one small problem: A lot of the audience didn’t believe that anyone actually won. It looked too good to be true.

We changed that by creating a Day of Unexpected. This series of Facebook LIVE events brought the Prize Machine feeling to life by giving fans a shot at instant wins. They just had to comment for a chance to spin the prize wheel.

Sky Vegas - Day of Unexpected

We dropped in several cash giveaways too, handing over a total of £1,200 across the day. And we went into overdrive with Surge Mode: handing ten lucky players a grand each in the space of a minute with the push of our giant red button.

The results surpassed all expectations. Reaching over 950,000 users and generating over 120,000 comments, 772 new fans, loads of positive sentiment and no less than 133 unique winners.

All without spending a single penny on paid media.

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